We believe that what’s more important is people: family, friends and the community that goes with and for us.

  • Because POSCO was not born alone but from a mother who went along, a grandmother who knitted, a friend who listened and a community who trusted.

    We believe that today is the time to give back to that community everything it gave us and continues giving. That contention, that listening, that encouragement. Give back and empower all those doers that still need a push on their way.

    POSCO is for those who work, who teach, who learn, for those who love what they do.

    And we trust that this push comes mainly from education. Without a doubt, education is the key to people's personal and social development and to build a fairer and more sustainable future for everyone. 

  • By eliminating social barriers we can improve children and families’ life quality as it is well known that by providing equal and fair opportunities, people are mentally, emotionally and physically healthier.

    They are more encouraged to learn about their talents,  leading them to become passionate about life. And we certainly know that things made with passion are almost impossible to stop! 

    POSCO is not about what we do but why we do it. By becoming a beacon of community empowerment providing education and entrepreneurship support,  we are creating paths that promote inclusion, sustainability and growth. Because it's not about making shoes, it is about telling stories. 

  • Today, more than ever, POSCO wants to support the different communities in Argentina allowing them to learn how to know, to do, to be and to live together, like a Familia.  Because education moves borders.