• My abuelxs, Nélida and Jorge. They made me who I am and for that I am grateful. They were the first models of POSCO’s campaigns.

    In winter,  along with a group of grandmothers from a rural area of my beloving Chaco, Nani knits and sells theirs handcrafted gloves at our stores (the same ones she used to make for me when I was a kid)

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  • By providing these grandmothers with resources like materials, training and  marketing support, POSCO ensures they are fairly compensated for their work with sustainable incomes and can improve the quality and quantity of their knitting by selling more of their own product. 

    Because community is the center of everything we do and our Familia, our badge of pride, POSCO is the perfect excuse to tell a story, our story.

    If you don't have a grandparent, I can share mine!

We believe that what’s more important is people: family, friends and the community that goes with and for us.