Say HI to Arianne and Joanna.

  • We met them through our HERMANO Marquitos  when we were looking for innovative sustainable materials to create our Resistencia Canvas Sneaker.

    Defined by them as the rainbow child of Iris Textiles, a third-generation textile manufacturer and wholesaler, operating since 1956 in Guatemala, The New Denim Project creates 100% upcycled cotton from the waste of various textile mills. Yes! They collect, sort and discard cotton fibers and fabric scrap from their own mother factory and other local factories to develop regenerated cotton yarns that are then used to weave their premium collection of curated fabrics.

    Fabrics that are part of our first sneakers design that are already walking with this talented family of DOERS!

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  • The power of collaboration

    "Textiles do not refer to pieces of cloth - textiles are the framework of our second skin. They involve an artistic process, a transformation of fibers, evidence of the creative mind. Fabrics tell us stories, breathing history, telling us what is happening and where we’re going."

    Thanks Arianne, Joanna & Jaime for trusting in us and letting us be part of your incredible project and mission!

Meet our Collab ;)

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