Meet those who have always inspired us to do better. We have been lucky enough to outfit these teams with some POSCO uniforms along their journey.

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Santa Teresita, José Ignacio, Uruguay.

Fer has launched countless restaurants all over the world and we have been lucky enough to join him and his team in Buenos Aires, José Ignacio (we have made Mostrador's uniforms every summer for the past 6 years), Montauk and New York. They are nuestxs hermanxs and in charge of providing us the best food

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IVX Coffee, Brooklyn, Ny.

Along with our friends of @ixvcoffee we have committed a celebration pact of a less trashy life with coffee and clothing. Our partnership is founded on a shared commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Now, their team wears our Upcycled Resistencia Canvas to move hot coffees around. Go and meet them at 497 Pacific Street, Brooklyn.

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Estela, Ny.

One of the most celebrated restaurants in the United States and a Michelin Star holder, Estela by Chef Ignacio Mattos is all about celebrating style and good food. This downtown bistro can be experienced in many ways, whether it’s a thrilling dinner in the dining room, a leisurely weekend brunch with friends, or a late-night drink at the bustling bar

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Julia, Bs. As., Argentina

Julio opened his restaurant, Julia, almost three years ago, barely five months after the most important Julia in his life, his daughter, was born. This beautiful restaurant is already one of @theworlds50best, offers seasonal cuisine and uses noble agroecological products, creating each dish with great dedication.
Julia by POSCO was born from shared values: dedication to everything we do, craftsmanship, details and quality. 

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National Futbol Team, 2018 FIFA World Cup

POSCO has been at the feet of the current champions of the world (including Messi, Di Maria and many more) by providing shoes for the Argentinian football team in 2018.