“POSCO is committed to creating value for our Associates and our communities, and doing so with a high level of ethics and integrity. In addition to fulfilling our mission of offering customers the best name-brand bargains possible, we aim to empower our Associates, operate in ways that reduce our environmental impact, and give back to the communities where we conduct business.”

— Gastón Greco,Founder

  • Community is the centerof everything we do.

    You usually find us in groups because we’re all about human connections. La familia is our badge of pride and friends are sacred. There is nothing we love more than a good story, hugs and kisses. No XOXO, just plain and sincere abrazos y besos and even tears that we shamelessly display anytime, anywhere. We are romantic by nature, we work, we walk and we fight the same way we love,


POSCO is a journey down a road not taken.

Created by a group of Latin American forward-thinking, innovative and creative revolutionaries, POSCO is not just another sneaker, but an excuse to connect and inspire curiosity and compassion for the stories that make up our world. We stand by those who do and ride along with them on their journey against conventional wisdom.

  • Inspire curiosity

    Beyond generic belief and
    gossip - POSCO is the perfect
    excuse to tell a story, our story, our hermanos and hermanas story, our ancestors story, our country story and, most importantly, your story.