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  • Paco Savio is one of the most talented creative directors of Argentina. He worked with the big guns - Lautrec S&S, Dreyfus, JWT y Ogilvy & Mather -, was the right hand of the visionary hotelier Faena in its beginnings, co-owns the local agency Remolino and co-founded the boutique Swiss gym Balboa. But, who really cares about the titles?

    He defines himself as a PROVOCADOR.

    There is no exact word that can translate this term so we will have to guide you through. He observes, he listens, he connects, he unifies unexpected worlds, he challenges you to think outside the box, he walks with you, becomes your best friend, pushes you and helps you stand up when you need it most. He works 100% outside the rules to generate LINDO QUILOMBOS/BEAUTIFUL MESSES (for this one we found the exact translation) that transcend borders.

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He is our HERMANO FOREVER.  Paquirri, thanks for believing in us since day 1. POSCO was possible thanks to your incomparable talent and craziness

  • Get ready, he trained us. He taught us how to think outside the box and trust in who we are. No labels, no filters, no shame, just putting out there our values, our culture, our story.

    You get us now, right?

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