Say HI to Marquitos!

He is one of the first DOERS we met back in Buenos Aires in 2012 when we opened our first office and warehouse. Together with Gastón, our co-founder and CEO, they took their first steps in the world of entrepreneurs without knowing that one day they will meet again in the Great Apple. CHEERS! 

While one was studying architecture and developing shoes for everyday life the other was trying to create the perfect bag to carry wetsuits around the world from recycled sails. I know what you might be thinking. There isn't really a direct and clear connection between both brands, but at the same time there is. Core values like la pasión, the desire for adventure, the belief that things could be done differently...keep pulling our journeys together. And for us, that is what really counts.

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Mafia Bags has already saved 16489 sails from the landfill.

Incredible, right? As Marcos like to say: "When you get a Mafia Bag, you're also getting a piece of the ocean, supporting local community & sustainable practices." It doesn't get better than this. 

Thanks Marquitos for being our HERMANO and inspiration. We can't wait for our next adventures, trips and asados together!