• This is a special place for us, it may be where everything began. This Kindergarten was the first one to be founded at Vilelas, a rural area near Resistencia, and Lala, Gaston’s grandmother (you may be a little bit confused here, Gaston has two great grandmothers who have indirectly established POSCO’s values) was its first teacher. This is why it has been named after her  “Dionisia del Pilar Alegre “, she has been literally the children’s education promoter in Vilelas.

  • For us, this place is not only about a personal connection but giving back everything it has given us: the very best example of effort, empowerment and working for a goal. Throughout the years, we have donated food, school supplies and collaborated with building remodeling because this little kindergarten has been showing us everyday that no matter what, we have to keep going,  keep moving and keep trying. That is why it is inevitable for us not to look and want to help (what in Argentina we usually call “dar una mano”) and keep Lala’s spirits alive.

    This place may be where everything started, but not where it ended. 

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