Fernando Trocca

Fernando Trocca

We are passionate about food, but mainly about chefs and their stories and Fer is one of our favorites. For many the best chef of Argentina, for us a DOER that never ceases to inspire us. 

For him, everything started at his grandmother's kitchen. Her hands cooking, creating, mixing ingredients were the foundation of his passion and what took him to study gastronomy at 18 years old. He was formed together with giants of Argentine cuisine, such as Gato Dumas and Francis Mallmann, and with just 22 years he took over his first restaurant, Llers, a different proposal that marked a before and after in the Buenos Aires kitchen environment. 

Our Roots Always Present!

Not satisfied with this, he decided to risk everything to come to New York and without papers and without knowing English, he took over the kitchen of Van Dam. In case you aren't that much into gastronomy, Van Dam was a favorite of countless iconic artists and personalities from all walks of life. Here, he cooked for people like Bowie, Eric Clapton, Robert de Niro and more. 

100% LATINX, 100% IMMIGRANT, 100% DOER

Not satisfied with this once again and answering a call from his roots, he decided to go back to Buenos Aires to open Sucre to which he then add Orilla, Belgrano's hit with his version in Miami, and Mostrador Santa Teresita in José Ignacio and Montauk, our favorite go-to summer spots. 

Knowing all of this already, we never imagined that we were going to become hermanos for life as soon as Paquirri - our spiritual guru and guide that always introduces us to talented people - introduced us. Fernando might have a lot of titles, restaurants, books, TV shows and more, but he still is true to his core values and simplicity, kindness and passion that he learnt where everything started, his grandmother's kitchen.

Thanks Fer for always opening up the doors of your home for us and letting us be part of your incredible world. We are never going to forget that you used to wear @grenson before :) and we can’t wait for our next collabs and PEÑA to come!


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