• Our stores have always been more than just retail spaces; they're vibrant hubs where magic happens. From lively peñas to exciting product launches and memorable anniversaries, each store has been a gathering place where we connect with our customers, treating them as the real members of La Familia.

  • These spaces have been instrumental in fostering meaningful relationships and creating unforgettable experiences. They've provided us with the opportunity to dream, grow, and inspire, shaping the essence of POSCO.

Recoleta (Bs. As.): The one and only

  • This renovation represents our commitment to continually evolving and improving to better serve our community. We can't wait to unveil the store's new look, which will embody the warmth, authenticity, and spirit of La Familia. Stay tuned for updates as we work to create an even more welcoming and inviting space for you to explore and enjoy.

Pasaje Santa Rosa (Bs. As.): Our first love

Pilar (Bs. As.)

Palermo (Bs. As.)

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The Classics

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1 de 10