• As you might already know, nestled within Chaco is the essence of POSCO, embodied by the warmth and spirit of its people. Chaco is a place where every corner holds a story. This humble yet vibrant land is not only where Gaston (founder) and his family hail from but also where our mission to celebrate community and heritage truly began.

    Among its treasures stands the Vilelas Kindergarten, a beacon of hope and education, symbolizing our commitment to giving back to the community that raised us.


"We are not looking for models, we are looking for you"

  • Our recent Chaco Campaign wasn't just about showcasing our latest collection – it was a tribute to the soul of this province and the people who call it home.
    We invited locals to be the faces of our brand, from all walks of life to join us at the Estadio Bicentenario.

  • Nearly 100 souls answered our call, each bringing their unique charm and energy to the photoshoot. From this diverse gathering, three remarkable individuals were chosen to journey with us deeper into the impenetrable chaqueño – a place unlike any other.

  • The impenetrable chaqueño is more than just a geographical location; it's a sanctuary of biodiversity, teeming with life found nowhere else on Earth. Its lush forests, winding rivers, and majestic wildlife offer a glimpse into nature's untouched beauty, serving as the perfect backdrop for our campaign.

  • We have also visited our future factory – a place destined to be more than just a production hub. Here, we envision a space where workshops and trainings will not only equip individuals with valuable skills but also foster a sense of belonging and purpose within the Vilelas community. 

  • By providing access to education and training, we empower individuals to build brighter futures for themselves and their families. But beyond mere skill-building, these workshops serve as a catalyst for community development, promoting inclusion and social participation.

  • Join us as we continue to celebrate the spirit of Chaco and all it represents. Visit us at @posco to discover more about our journey and the stories that inspire us every step of the way.

The Chaco Collection

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