• Since launching POSCO, we have been working on two major ways of improving leather production: traceability and chemical transparency. All our leather products are handmade by Argentine specialists using traditional methods in dyed, vegetable-tanned leather products. They are made in small quantities on customer request and are created to last, but also to reduce energy and waste (that is why we pay special attention to water usage during the tanning process) as part of responsible production in the slow fashion movement.

  • All the tanneries supplying POSCO leather and suede are certified by the Leather Working Group which promotes sustainable environmental practices. The Leather Working Group (L.W.G.) is an independent group of tanneries and manufacturers committed to building a sustainable future with responsible leather, covering several actions such as water usage, energy consumption, waste and chemical management, among others

And what is vegetable tanning?

  • In case you were wondering, it is a leather production method that complies with regulations without using dangerous or prohibited chemicals. Instead, it is based on soluble extracts from shredded bark, wood, leaves and fruits of various trees and bushes, offering a high level of comfort in footwear, antibacterial properties and thicker leather.  Believe ir or not, it is one of the oldest methods of tanning known to man yet less than 10% of the world's leather is tanned this way today.

Made to last

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  • Each of the products we create is designed to be durable. That is why we work with the best raw materials, thinking not only about the impact that their production has on the environment and on the people who make them, but also how they will transform over time depending on use, so that they can travel with you for many years.