• “Upcycling is a philosophy and a design principle that includes 'recycling' but goes beyond this system by taking a 'whole system' approach to the vast flow of resources and waste through human society. It redesigns the current, one-way linear industrial system into a circular economy, and it is modeled on nature's successful strategies​.” The New Denim Project.

100% Upcycled Cotton Canvas

  • Arianna & Joanna, the two badass Guatemalan sisters behind The New Denim Project, create the premium natural fabric we use in our sneakers from the waste of various textile mills. Their innovative eco-industrial manufacturing system is chemical and dye-free, uses minimal water, and keeps energy and carbon emissions to a minimum ensuring an endless life cycle. 

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Overconsumption & recycling

  • Sneaker recycling is yet to make an impact within the footwear industry. So much so, that demanding and short-term trendsetting styles are still the fast-paced tenets by which our current fashion business models are sadly guided by. In fact, the industry is still so wasteful that a consumer today owns 300% more pieces of clothing than a generation ago, and wears a garment only seven times before getting rid of it, which usually end up in massive landfills.

    POSCO creates with quality materials and high end details so they can ride along with you for many years.